My name is Carolina, I am currently the Head-nurse at Diaverum Loa Angeles.

I started to work as a clinical nurse in the future Diaverum Melipilla clinic in 2013. After having replaced a Head-nurse on maternity leave at Diaverum San Antonio, I was assigned to the position of the Head Nurse at Diaverum Quinta Normal, a clinic acquired in 2018.

I was born in Los Angeles one morning on December 9, 1980. I am 41 now; yeas, 41 years full of beautiful memories and achievements. I feel I am a lucky woman because of the life that am living, because of the parents who did great job guiding me and teaching me to make an effort and love each of my decisions.

I remember that my childhood was very close to the family, full of changes, trips and situations that shaped my life. Since I was a child I dreamed of working in the health area, perhaps, because my father, ever since I remember, always told me: “My daughter, you are going to be a nurse, aren´t you?” And I would run to my bedroom and grab my toy medical supplies and to his side and very confidently say: “Yes, Dad, I will be the best nurse in the universe!”

Until now my family remember that every time someone had an accident, I would run to check and say “Nooo, this should be seen by a doctor. I am sorry, I can´t help you, I´m just a nurse.” Hahahaha, therefore as I grew older this idea materialized more and more in me, to the point of being sure I wanted to study nursing.

I was never able to imagine myself studying a different career. Therefore, I went to the university to fulfil my goal, and became a nurse.

A couple of years after graduating from the university and looking for an opportunity to work closer to home, I applied to a dialysis clinic where my specialization in hemodialysis started. It was without a doubt one of the most important decisions I have ever made in my professional life, I was delighted with all that it meant. Hemodialysis is a very little known area within the world of health, only professionals who are immersed in this specialty, can properly measure how important for the patients our work as nurses is.