Long ago the del Valle Dialysis Center (future Diaverum San Felipe and Diaverum Llay Llay) was only located in San Felipe, as its headquarters, and patients from Llay Llay, Catemu and surroundings, all rural areas, had to go there for their dialysis.   

The patients were always complaining that the trip there was long, and that they would like to have a dialysis center in Llay Llay. Once, one of the patients, named Carlos Villalobos, heard from a friend who worked in the Municipality of Llay Llay, that there was a nurse there who was consulting about the documents he would need to settle there a dialysis center. That nurse was called Jorge Abarza.  

Doctor Manríquez, in charge of the clinic and concerned about the possibility of losing the patients they already had from Llay Llay (and who represented a large number), commissioned Carlos to find out if there was a piece of land for sale.  

This patient's aunt, who always accompanied him to his sessions, said she was very devoted to the Virgin of Guadalupe, and that she was going to entrust herself to her so that the Virgin would do a miracle and help find a piece of land in Llay Llay soon.  

After a short time, such land appeared, and she requested that an image of the Virgin of Guadalupe would be made if the business was successful, to which the former owner of the centre agreed. The land was purchased, and the dialysis center was opened in October 2015, with just three patients of the sector.  

Little by little, more patients arrived until the first and second shifts were completed.  

The creation of a painting in honor of the Virgin of Guadalupe was finalized, with a bronze plaque at its base in gratitude to the patient and his aunt, with whose information the creation of this center was possible.  

Currently, the Llay Llay center has 51 patients.